3 Winter Tips To Help You & Your Family - Part 1

Do you remember that feeling you got after a long day in grade school and you heard that wonderful end of day bell ring? Even in our older years most of us still get that exact feeling when we see the leaves turn, first snow, or a much needed change from the hot weather we get here on the Pacific West Coast. With winter comes that crisp air, beautiful landscapes, and endless tracks and trails to EXPLORE. Our winter adventures can be that break we needed from all the holiday city traffic, long dark work hours, or in my case, sounds of five small children fighting with their mother and I about what foods they no longer eat even though they asked for it. Here at The Supply Depot we wanted to share some tips we've found to work in order to make sure you and yours can enjoy your next adventure in the cold comfortably and safe.

What The Layer!!!!!!! A good rule of thumb is when you set out on your adventure the goal is to keep your skin and clothes warm and dry. It's good to be just a little cold when you first start out. If you're warm before you start playing then imagine how much sweat your going to produce once you get moving. Type of fabric can make or break a good time. The object is to stay dry and say NO to cotton!!!!


*The Base Layer is like the steak to a Surf&Turf din din. The best fabrics for a good base layer are silk, wool, or any synthetic. With the wrong base layer you'll be very unhappy and you definitely wont last very long in the cold. A good base layer wicks the perspiration away from your skin and keeps you dry.

*The Insulation Layer traps all the heat that your body puts out. This is where the warmth is built into the layers. Fleece, wool, down, and synthetic are great fabrics to keep you warm. This layer also can act as a great outer layer in milder conditions. Just remember most fabrics used in this layer wont protect against wet weather.

*The Outer Layer is your protection from what Mother Nature can throw at you in regards to weather. A nice waterproof and breathable outer layer can allow for hours of fun in the cold.

So now you're body is nice and cozy but what about those important extremities you got there? Head, hands, and feet can be fun to shop for but the importance of them staying warm and dry are forgotten more times than not.

Here are some more tips on keeping you outdoors comfortably and DRY!!!

*For the Noggin our go to is a wool or synthetic pilot's hat, beanie, etc. As long as it can cover everything including the ears you're A-OK. If your layer system is right then in wet weather you can use your outer shell hoodie to protect your head from any wet weather.

*For the Nose Pickers there can be tons of different types, styles, and fabrics to choose from. Finger less gloves, flip back finger gloves, heated winter gloves, and on and on it can go. The common suggestion we give to our customers here at The Supply Depot is no matter your choice, make sure to have a minimum of a water proof shell to your glove but extra insulation like wool or synthetic never hurts.

*For the ball kickers a good set of Merino Wool, Alpaca Fleece, or a layer system is the way to go. Just like your body, you want to keep your feet dry and warm. Anything that wicks the sweat from your feet and captures the heat is what we suggest.

*Save the Best for Last!!!! The BOOT. No matter what you choose we suggest make them tight around the ankles, waterproof, and breathable

Stay tuned for our next Tips and Tricks for TIP #2 and don't forget to:

“We are passionate in allowing our beloved family and yours the ability to EXPLORE and THRIVE in any environment.”

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