3 Winter Tips To Help You & Your Family - Part 2

In TIP 1 we gave some suggestions on how you can stay warm on your adventure. TIP 2 is simple, yet so important that it can be a life saver. Many different trails and outdoor Camp spots change throughout the seasons. That same trail we walk every week in the summer can actually be very dangerous in the winter months. My go to thought that never seems to let me down is ,“Never over estimate my knowledge and under estimate mother nature.” Just going out for a small trek in the cold can turn to disaster fast with out covering your six. Here are some tips on how to keep on trail, have a blast, and come home safe.

1. I've downloaded a hunting app to my phone and home computer.
This kind of app is unbelievable when it comes to terrain, weather, private land ownership, offline GPS, way points, and the list can keep going. Personally, ONX saved me many of times. While at home or on WiFi I can save the map of my trip's location offline so when I'm away from any signal it still works. I can zoom in on the offline map and see detail or zoom out and see up to a ten mile map while on the trail. This app also acts as my GPS. I can start recording my hike and on the map it tracks my location. The Track/Record feature is my absolute favorite. Essentially I can go off trail, forget about where I'm going for a while, and just EXPLORE and get lost for a bit. When I'm ready to get back on trail I just refer to my phone and get back on trail by following the recorded tic marks. At the end of my hike the App lets me know how many miles I did and how long it took me. There's too much to list so I recommend visiting their website ONX.

2. Have the Latitude and Longitude of your starting point written down.
When I go out no matter how confident I am I always make sure to leave a copy with my wife and also text it to a trusted friend. I let them know an about ETA when I should be home. Anything can happen at any time and in the cold things can get bad fast. The Latitude and Longitude can be the difference of emergency services taking hours to find you versus weeks.

3. GOOGLE it..... I know simple right?
I've found by googling either that specific trail,camp site or even the town close by can help tons. Sometimes there may be notices of predator sightings that aren't posted on trail, controlled fire burns being done, uncommon weather and road conditions, etc. By researching at home under a roof in the warmth seems so much easier than just winging it in the cold.

Stay tuned for our next Tips and Tricks for TIP #3 and don't forget to:

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